Winter Specifier Trip to Visa Lighting & Oldenburg Lodge
Earlier this year, CLS co-hosted a distinguished group of southern California lighting design professionals for a truly unforgettable Visa/Oldenburg winter weekend. We thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos of this CLS Signature Event.

Visa-Oldenburg Lodge attendees pose for a group picture before a day of recreation. Kneeling (L to R): Tina Forestell, Erin Ferry, Catherine Hegdale, Dave Paladino, Rich Molinero.  Standing (L to R): Marcus Cone, Saul Acosta, Kandra La Pinta, Catherine McGroarty, Chip Israel, Michael Gehring, Jeremy Windle.

(L to R) Saul Acosta, Kandra La Pinta, Catherine Hegdale and Michael Gehring complete their recommendations after evaluating Visa product prototypes. Their input will have a direct influence on Visa’s future product designs for the hospitality sector.
The picturesque Visa-Oldenburg Lodge on the shore of Lake Germain, WI.

A sample of Wisconsin hospitality at a typical Lodge dinner.
Dave Paladino after a rough night playing cards.   A popular destination for Lodge guests.